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Dec 4, 2012 9:00am PST
. >> looked like a giant metal flock of birds. see how you describe the san diego video that's going viral next. knowto quit this. - well, how about... - that smokers' helpline? yeah, they can give me a plan. - help me through the rough spots. - so you're ready to... quit? everyone wants me to quit-- my doctor, my wife, the dog. - not good for the dog. - anyone else? hmm? what? anyone else want you to quit? me! i want me to quit. tdd# 800-933-4833 - ( rings ) - woman: smokers' helpline. oh, hi, it's me. >>> i'm going to teach you and america something very important today thanks to the o canada and that is how to properly check your tire pressure. if you are like jeff you wear a funky red spandex suit. >> i have always learned that is what you should wear. >> too many people go without checking their tires too long. when you are in your suit you then look at your tire or your kick it. here comes jasmine to teach us that you actually need a pressure gauge. you are supposed to check your tire pressure at least once a month to make sure that you are saving fuel and that you have better vehi
Dec 22, 2012 6:00pm PST
is getting dark, and wind increase about an hour. >> masters is just trying to get back to san diego. the rain might mean a longer delay. >> my flight was supposed to be at 1:00, it's now 2:10. >> with more rain falling these delays are expected to continue. wang since 100,000 people with travel through sfo all day saturday, and even more people will be travel out of local airports tomorrow. if you're planning on traveling, our flighttracker will notify you of any delays. you can log on to and click on the link on our home page. >> ama: check before you go in san jose, driver going too fast for the slick conditions skidded across five lanes of northbound 280, crashing into another car. one landed down the embankment on its roof. the other landed on its side. no one was seriously hurt. >> weather caused problems in the sierra. i-80 was closed at colfax to the nevada state line. it has since re-opened. the highway is offlimit for trucks from applegate to the nevada state line, and look another other nasty driving conditions near lake tahoement. near white out conditions, a
Dec 30, 2012 6:30pm PST
made plane crashed near san diego county. it went down inside of the sycamore canyon. it was headed from san diego to phoenix. the cause of the crash is under investigation. >>> well, as we get prepared to say good-bye to 2012 we are bidding a fond farewell to a parking perk in san francisco. why drivers will need a pocket full of change even on sundays. >> beginning next sunday, the free ride or should i say free parking is over. >> i don't see why they need to do it now. they are giving you monday and friday and saturdayed and now sunday -- saturday now, and sunday, what are they dog next, 24 hours a day? >> reporter: possibly. carla sayss it is going to effect -- says it is going to effect her church. >> it is the money. the city needs the money. not parking meter on sunday. >> reporter: it will net the city $2 million a year. >> i am a long time resident of the city of san francisco. i do not approve of what the board of supervisors have done. >> reporter: in a marina where parking is hike a competitive sport, the law is not getting support there, either. >> it hurts the smal
Dec 22, 2012 9:00pm PST
to san diego. this rain might mean a longer delay. >> my flight is now an hour delayed. >> he says about 100,000 people will travel through sfo all day saturday. >> if you are planning on traveling, our flight tracker will notify you of flight delays. log on to and click on the link you'll see on our home page. >> with the mix of sun and rain, rainbows were spotted in the bay area. we want to share with you this rainbow as seen from our rooftop camera seen from our embarcadero camera. this one is over oakland's camera. stay with "abc 7 news" for continuing coverage. get the latest forecast tonight at 11:00 over on channel 7. you can track every storm this season any time with live doppler 7-hd at >>> in newtown, connecticut, a funeral mass was held for some of the victims. 7-year-old was laid to rest. she was one of 20 students shot and killed at sandy hook elementary. with christmas days away, newtown has become so inundated with toys, people are being asked to do charity alable work instead or make a donation in the victim's name. >> a tribute for the victims
Dec 1, 2012 6:30pm PST
billion in different conventions that go to other cities right now. san diego is one of our biggest competitors. we need more contiguous space in the convention complex. by doing this, by increasing the ability to have bigger conventions and more conventions is the best way to create new demand for home depot hotel rooms. when there are conventions it affects the hotel bookings significantly. so we want to stay competitive. it's an incredibly important driver to the tourism of san francisco. some of the benefits of increasing the capacity to have more conventions or larger conventions than we can today, again, we're losing about $2 billion in direct spending for conventions that have already been canceled because our venues are not big enough. did would increase the average daily rate for the hotel rooms and occupancy rates for our hotels. and the rev par, a return of the rate for hotel rooms is supposed to increase by 6-7.5% when the expansion opens. we also expect a higher occupancy rate in the hotels of 87.6% and the hotel value will increase as well for the properties. we ant
Dec 9, 2012 6:00pm EST
for san diego. my goodness. there he goes. 27-10. intercepted, his first pick at home in 135 attempts. the chargers capitalize on his mistake big time. alexander, san diego. they get the win. the bengals also lost but the ravens and lose no ground in the afc north. we continue right after this. what 65 tomorrow. temperatures going up again. still a chance of rain, maybe thunder. that will be in the later part of the day. middle of the week looking fine. temperatures chillier. next weekend, something else will be out there. >> it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. not. >> that's it for 11 news at 6. nightly news is next. we will see you here after the game. and it gave me my custom number. my arches needed more support until i got my number at the free dr. scholl's foot mapping center. i'm a believer! and you will be too! learn where to find your number at
Dec 21, 2012 7:00pm PST
? >> is there any other cities that are doing the mobile recycling? >> no, just that one. >> san diego? >> yes, just san diego and i did speak with the folks in sacramento and there is legislation that will address bottle bill -- actually once a year or couple of years that they do a bottle bill fix and adjust things and there is another bill planned for this life-threateningive session in january. so i mean the timing is right in terms of if there were some recommendations coming out of san francisco, there is a vehicle for us to talk to the folks up there. >> great. >> this convenience zone, is that unique to california? >> it is. it's very unusual. i am from the east coast and grew up with the bottle bill there and it's very different. it's very successful here and they are talking about using it as a national model. there is an effort to try to create more jobs by creating more recycling infrastructure. because many states don't have anything at all and the stuff is just thrown out all over the place if you are driving across the country. they are looking at this particular law as a
Dec 20, 2012 11:00pm PST
's a chance that he's going to develop. >> the raiders in carolina sunday then wrap up in san diego. >>> bowl season is officially here. tonight the poinsettia bowl byu and san diego. byu scored 3 touchdown s in a 6-minute span. this pick pd put the game on ice. byu denies the aztecs their first 10-win season ever. >>> kevin durant and the oklahoma city thunder, the league's hottest team, and here's the shot of the day. hangs on the top of the backboard and drops in. takes a couple of bounces, doink, doink, and then plop! goes right in. but the t-wolves had it going tonight of the minnesota, the upset. they snap oklahoma's 12-game win streak, 99-93. the thunder drop to 21-5, still the best record in the nba. >>> a 3-time olympian turned high-priced call girl. suzie favor hamilton admitted she has been working as a las vegas escort over the past year, leading a double life. wife, mother, real estate professional while at home, $600 per hour escort while away in las vegas, la, and other cities. she says she could earn up to $6,000 a day as an escort. she takes full responsibility for her action
Dec 14, 2012 4:00am PST
. >>> and people across san diego woke up to an unusual deluge. several inches of rain making a real mess out of the morning commute. >> the downpours flooded businesses, as well as major intersections, leaving drivers stranded in the road. some people even had to be rescued from those floodwaters. >>> and just north of san diego, all that rain loosened a giant boulder. look at that thing. it tumbled down a hillside and punched a gaping hole through someone's garage. the huge rock crushed everything from christmas ornaments to tools. the homeowner was shaken up but thankful she wasn't in the garage when that boulder hit. >> they have falling rock insurance. >>> time, now, for the weather from across the nation. showers from san diego up to seattle. heavy rain in las vegas, phoenix and albuquerque. more than a foot of mountain snow from arizona to southern utah. thunderstorms around wichita, oklahoma city and dallas. >> 70s in dallas, and new orleans. mostly 40s in the northeast, midwest and pacific northwest. >>> well, coming up, it is very good to be an intern at facebook. and we'll tell you
Dec 15, 2012 10:00pm PST
for one more thing. weather is what likely cause add boulder to roll into a san diego-area house. it wiped out the garage, crushing gas and electric lines. the boulder was apparently dislodged during heavy rains thursday. it rolled about 300 feet before crashing into the home. >> i'm laughing about it and crying. how incredible. >> i saw the washing machine on the floor. i couldn't believe it. there was a huge hole. one side of the garage and i thought wow, then i looked over and there's a huge boulder. >> the homeowner is now trying to figure out how to get the boulder out of her house. she's checking to see if her insurance will cover the damage. >> all right. start of the day the bay area tried to go 2-2 in high school state football tight approximately. the warriors, man is this team making some noise. come on back for the finish. ,,, 4th straight open division e title... ..currently, the al 35-21 >>> at this hour football team is working on a fourth straight open division title. currently the spartans lead centennial 35-21 into the fourth quarter. >>> brent catholic facing san diego.
Dec 28, 2012 6:00pm PST
la realidad, desde los angeles julio cesar ortiz, los angeles. >> en san diego una mujer que ahogó a su hijo autista en la bañera se encuentra siendo acusada, después del crimen cargó el cuerpo y manejó a una comisaría, reconoció el asesinato, la sentencia puede ser de 15 años a cadena perpetua >> a partir del próximo primero de enero una ley estatal pide que se instalen detectores de monoxido de carbono en california. >s> e daña la sangre, los pulmones, todo >> las familias ya saben del gran peligro del monoxido de carbono, causa de 450 muertes al año >> es muy malo para el ambiente, y todos. >> sin embargo al preguntar si tienen una alarma detectora, respondieron >> no, no tengo. >> no, no tengo >> ¿por qué? >> pues nunca nos hemos preocupado por eso >> a partir del primero de enero entra en vigor una ley estatal que requiere que todos los departamentos y condominios tengan detector >> como un sueñito, sin malestares, por eso es la muerte dulce, porque no nos damos cuenta >> el bombero explica que es >> se da por una combustion incompleta, por un calentador en una ca
Dec 13, 2012 4:30am PST
now rain around l.a. and san diego in the afternoon it will hang around san diego and palm springs l.a. will start to clear out, low 60s there 30 in tahoe, 42 yosemite. >>> have you heard about this? police say they have stopped a plot to murdering justin bieber. police identified the suspected mastermind as dana martin convicted killer in prison in new mexico he has an image of bieber tattooed on his leg he plotted to kill him after his attempts to contact the singer failed. the hitmen were on their way to new york to kill bieber when they miss add exit they ended up at the -- at the canadian board are where they were detained. >>> breaking news on san mateo bridge, fatal accident that may cause problems for the morning commute. sue is following the information she will buy it to you in a few minutes -- she will bring it to you in a few minutes. [ inaudible ] >>> breaking news on the san mateo bridge where there's been a fatal accident sue is following that. >>> it happened 4:00 this
Dec 30, 2012 5:00pm PST
are in critical can. >> the faa is investigating the cause of a small plane crash in san diego county that killed three members of an arizona family. the home-built plane went down in a nature preserve near santaee. the crash victims have been identified only as a 65-year-old man, his 53-year-old wife, and they're 19-year-old daughter. >>> coming up, highlights of the niners and raiders. >>> the amazing video that shows a russian plane crashing into a highway. >> and leigh glaser will you know how much grandma wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas! >> ama: new video shows a plane crashing into traffic in russian. the video is from a passing car. the plane overshot the runway
Dec 28, 2012 7:00pm PST
of champagne in a small neighborhood store is one sign that new year's eve is almost here. how san diego is getting ready. >>> at muni's 100th an versary, how this tunnel helped reshape a city. >>> plus, late -- anniversary, how this tunnel helped reshape a city. >>> plus, late night accident, we were just told both people died. have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. >>> we just learned, two people pulled from the chilly waters from the golden gate bridge have died. the park police tell them they are an adult and juvenile, both male. news chopper 2 shot the pictures from the north tower of the bridge 90 minut
Dec 30, 2012 5:30pm PST
san diego. chargers up 10-0 and then prior, first career touchdown pass to hayward. a 9 yard score. prior, 13 of 20, a couple of touchdowns. 3rd quarter, rivers answers. alexander on the receiving end of that 34 play to make it 24- 7. prior on the naked bootleg gets in. it is a 10-point game. 24-14. after a blocked punt. it is prior hitting moore. now, the raiders are within 3. under 2 minutes left. they had no time outs. had to go for the kick. at ? and it landed into the good hands of the san diego chargers and oakland is out. they lose by a final 24-21 to finish the year at 4-12. >> you guys really did not give up under it. rain coming down and everything. >> fantastic. you know, to have -- to be with a group of teammates like this and the guys that just keep fighting, just like all year. kept fighting. i know it did not go right the whole year the way we wanted but, guys kept on digging. kept on scratching, fighting, that is what you want in a football team. that tells you in the future when certain people are going to be here or whatever the case may be that you have fighters
Dec 14, 2012 4:30am PST
there in san diego. we know what it looks like there. >>> 4:38 now. the disturbing new video of a northern california officer that shot and killed a man is being made public. the case involving the officer and who pulled the trigger. >>> heading back to store shelves two of the big companies who are hoping to get their hands on the brand hostess. >>> if you are driving on highway 24 so far it's looking pretty good. >>> good morning. cloudy skies could be very light rain cold. some of that cold air is really trapped. it will be upper 40s to low 50s for many today. maybe light rain but closer to the coast. >>> arraignment is scheduled for a san francisco woman accused of leaving her newborn baby on the street. she gave birth to a son early wednesday morning. chechen knocked on the door of a church for help. police performed cpr on the baby who was not breathing. officers say nash was uncooperative and high on cocaine. she faces charges including cruelty to the child. the newborn who is expected to recover has been turned over to child protective services. >>> there is new disturbing video sh
Dec 2, 2012 6:30pm PST
servicio metereonlogico dio una alerta para san diego, california . >> esta e la tercera de unas erie de tormentas tambiÉn hay estado de emergencia en nevada porque pueden ingresas las lluvias. >> muchas gracias tambiÉn en california se busca a los responsables de la muerte de 4 personas, eran todos adultos las autoridades interrogan a personas que estaban en la moemnto del tiroteo. >> el equipo de los chief vence a los de carolina, el jugador matÓ a su novia el hombre y su mujer dejaron huerfana a su hija. >> enn new jersey dicen que el estado estÁ con personas alejadas a causa del derrame de quimicos que dejo un tren, hay un gas toxico el accidente dejo personas hospitalizadas el gobierno de el presidente barack obama estÁ trabajando en el precipicio fiscal pero acalaran que el presidente barack obama no hace un trato con los republicano hasta que ellos acepten hacer un alza a los amas ricos. >> hay mÁs informaciÓn sobre el cambiod e amndo de enrique peÑa nieto >> el presidente de enrique peÑa nieto celebro la firma del pacto de mÉxico que estÁ trabajando con un acuerdo anci
Dec 13, 2012 6:00am PST
of sunshine today from 52 to 56°. below average. wet weather maker from yesterday down in l.a. now san diego snow around the grapevine sue was telling me police are escorting folks through there but you do not need chains. once the sun comes up it will all turn out to rain. snow showers tahoe today, yosemite 30 and 42 rain will move into san diego and palm springs by the afternoon. >>> let's check in with josh elliot for what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >>> good thursday morning many new details on the bizarre and unfolding saga of software mogul john mcafee. landed in miami yesterday, been on the run for a month. still wanted for questioning in belize this morning he spoke with abc news we have it for you next. >>> right now new this morning officials say a navy helicopter has made a hard landing at north island naval air station in southern california injuring the four crew onboard. the navy says the seahawk was taking part in routine training when it made the hard landing last night. officials say two other crewmembers were taken to uc san diego medical center the othe
Dec 12, 2012 12:00am PST
you know of any that are successful? >> there is really one real example, actually is san diego. where there was state legislation passed to allow three supermarkets to share one -- essentially one recycling center that moved for two days, two days, two days to each supermarket on a very set scheduled. so that the customers could get used to. it the state is very particular about running enough hours at certain times of the day, to be certified by the state. so a mobile option has been -- is functioning now in other parts of state. we have talked with the cal recycle staff and they are open to the situation that we have here in san francisco. they understand the density and the difficulty for real estate. so i think a mobile option is out there. >> i have a question about -- my understanding is that the state law was put into place kind of thinking more about the suburbs and places that have large supermarkets and parking lots. >> right. >> convenience zones. >> i think that is there interest in amending this for large, dense urban areas? >> i think that is what i mea
Dec 1, 2012 2:00am PST
facility such as a tertiary care medical facility such as walter re d or bethesda or san diego or brooke army in texas or a va medical center, that time of injury to time of immediate vak was 45 to 60 days. ladies and gentlemen, today if you are a warrior and you are blown up or griefously injured, on average from the time you are grievously injured to the time you arrive in my icu in bethesda is 3 days. that capability is provided to us by on screen care with unparalleled first responder action that can save the live, tourniquet therapy, clotting agents, understanding, robust immediatevac capibility, and then a continuing continuum to germany and back to the states in the c130's, the flying icu's which the air force has, which you are safer in the air at 30,000 feet than you are in 90 percent of the icu's in this country. they do not lose patients over the atlantic. they do not lose patients over the pacific and, remember, they transport them within days, days, of them being critically injured. the patient will wake up for the first time in a hospital in the states. that is often th
Dec 12, 2012 5:00pm EST
filner sworn in this month as mayor of san diego and served for 20 years. representative laura richardson served for five years from the 37th district. representative pete stark, outgoing dean of our delegation was elected in 1972 and served more than 40 wreers from the 13th district. representative lynn woolsey served for 20 years from the 6th congressional district. much kk said about the distinguished careers of our departing colleagues, but i would like to offer a few remarks of the work i have joined them during their time here in the congress. representative howard berman has served the house for 30 years and i was honored to name him among my closest friends in this body. during his service, he worked on a wide of variety of issues and known as a champion of human rights and standing up for middle class, working class and for the poor in our country. as chair of the foreign affairs committee from 2007 to 2008, mr. berman made great progress on behalf of the less fortunate. he was a leader in securing reauthorization of our global hiv-aids program to help provide access to preventiv
Dec 22, 2012 11:00pm PST
the field, win 85-53. usf facing san diego state in hawaii. dons off to a good start. but it ended quickly. san diego state lit them up for 33 points, san diego state 10-1, dons fall, 88-58 the final. this sports report brought to you by river rock casino. see you tomorrow at 5:00. >> leigh: let's go to live doppler 7hd, you can see the new batch of moisture just developing off the coast. that's in the next storm due in here tomorrow morning. it's going to be wet and windy throughout the morning hours. partial clearing, north bay to south bay, monday, crimes -- christmas heave, -- christmas eve is dry. there are two kinds of folks who sit around thinking about how to kill people--psychopaths and mystery writers. i'm the kind that pays better. who am i? i'm rick castle. castle. castle. i really am ruggedly handsome, aren't i? every writer needs inspiration,
Dec 23, 2012 2:00am PST
. cal shot 50% from the field, win 85-53. usf facing san diego state in hawaii. dons off to a good start. but it ended quickly. san diego state lit them up for 33 points, san diego state 10-1, dons fall, 88-58 the final. this sports report brought to you by river rock casino. see you tomorrow at 5:00. >> leigh: let's go to live doppler 7hd, you can see the new batch of moisture just developing off the coast. that's in the next storm due in here tomorrow morning. it's going to be wet and windy throughout the morning hours. partial clearing, north bay to south bay, monday, crimes -- christmas heave, -- christmas eve is dry. >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the nutribullet, brought to you by nutribullet, llc. [♪...] >> muscle aches, my backaches really started to decrease significantly in one week. >> the first night that i actually used the nutribullet, i actually slept really well. that was exciting. that was phenomenal. >> the bad cholesterol, which was 290, went down to 190. >> the changes that i saw in myself and my family were just amazing. >> announcer:
Dec 30, 2012 6:00am PST
. los angeles pretty comfortable, though, at 60 degrees and san diego at 59 here's a look at your accuweather seven-day forecast. just be prepared for that chilly morning if you step out the door early today and then more sunshine with temperatures in the low 50s. archaealy evening, as well tonight and into tomorrow morning. so temperatures will be cool once again and that means cool temperatures once again for the evening. but see that? but thursday when we get a slight chance of it and we will keep an eye on that for you. looking dry even for next weekend. >> and chilly, so what? we can handle that. >> we can handle that. >> i'm tired of the rain. thank you, francis. coming up at 7:00 is good morning america and dan harris is joining us live from new york to tell us what you are working on. hi, dan. >> hi, carolyn. good morning to you. we are going to be talking about the weather, as well, this morning. traffic accidents, cancelled flights and in some place as foot of snow. it's been a huge mess for holiday travel in this part of the country but it's having ripple effects for y
Dec 30, 2012 11:00pm PST
as quarterback. crazy weather in san diego. the players were practicing in a hail storm. the weather was fine at kickoff, but special teams were not so special. spurlock breaks into the clear and takes the opening kickoff 99 yards for a touchdown. it was 10-0 chargers after one quarter. after a slow start pryor lead the raiders on an 80-yard drive. he throws a back shoulder fade to darius hayward-bey. oakland rallied and pryor dives into the end zone and it cuts the lead 24-14. with the rain coming down and pryor buys time before minding minding -- finding moore. pryor shows promise, but san diego takes the win. oakland ends up 4-12. despite the victory norv turner says he expects to be fired tomorrow. here is the afc playoff. denver and new england are the top two seeds and earn first round bye's. houston that lost to indianapolis falls to third. the texans will host cinncinati. the colts are at baltimore on sunday. and this abc7 sports report was brought to you by river rock casino. later in the show you will hear from stephon taylor as he prepares to take on wisconsin in the rose bowl. by
Dec 20, 2012 9:00pm PST
in chico. southern california looking fine. 61 in san diego and dry. at least for friday. bay area carry the rain gear upper 40's to the upper 50's. tomorrow it is going to be wet. and windy. morning commute looks dicey as you look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. showers chance of thunder for saturday sunday more rain. i just updated this not happy to tell you this. but the computer models bringing in rain for the entire bay area now on christmas day. at least a chance. >> i'm getting a new skate board. i need it dry. >> maybe you can use it a couple weeks late near skate board umbrella maybe. >> san francisco giants pitcher tim sporting new look tonight. the long hair is apparently no more. look at this. the photo snapped just this week showing tim new do. his hair stylist in his hometown of seattle tweeted news about the trim earlier this week. might not even recognize him. >> he looks like he's one of the guys in our it department. pocket protector snlts the glasses give that you look. and short clean cut. >> had he short hair when he first came in. 2007. >> i don'
Dec 30, 2012 10:00pm PST
. the raiders are down 24-2 1. no time outs left. san diego recovers and they win. 4-12. back to 49ers. playoff tickets go on sale via ticket master tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m.. >> now they have the weekend off. they already have a scheduled playoff game. they are going to be hosting the wild card winner out of the nfc, saturday january 12 at 5:00 p.m.. with two weeks off, that's something the 4ers9ers badly needed. ,, >> have a good night. ,,,,
Dec 1, 2012 11:00pm PST
a los número en pantalla o visitar la página web. >> aproveche. >> la policía de san diego busca a dos sujetos que se roban ropa interior para damas. >> los dos sospechosos fueron captados en cámara y son acusados de robar varias prendas femeninas. >> los empleados se dieron cuenta sólo cuando se percataron que faltaba mercancia. >> tres reconocidos chef murieron en un accidente de tránsito, se buscan las causas del accidente donde también resultaron heridas otras tres personas. >> aquí en la ciudad sigue lloviendo con fuertes vientos y veremos las condicones en el pronostico extendido y además de la lluvia se van a acumular varias lpulgadas y en algunos sectores tenemos brisa bastante fuerte y tenemos acumulados de días anteriores y los pronosticos son de cuatro pulgadas y podría llegar a 8 pulgadas y vemos los efectos de esta tormenta invernal y los modelos dicen que esta lluvia continuara moviéndose y tenemos esta extensa zona de lluvia y todavía podría estar lloviendo en san francisco y vemos esta tormenta con vientos fuertes por sobre las 40 m/hr y acumulados de lluvia
Dec 7, 2012 11:00pm PST
adelanto del joer univisiÓn >>> muchas gracias hoy autoridades en san diego veremos la conclusiÓn de la autopsia de va ley le disparara luego de ser a llorado por la mujer. su hÍgado estaba hecho de skants tom sfas verdad >>> mire un programa en la inglesa pero soy domingo gracias a dios. este domingo participe en las cÉsar chÁvez. arre go llegÓ el momento de conocer las historias, la editora de nuestro portal vanessa orrellana nos pone al tanto. >>> quÉ tal amigos, tenemos las noticias, esta semana un secuestrador fue golpeado por un hombre y una mujer en san josÉ, pero la ca mej r re muchos viaÍs y quienes quieren ver una no se pierda la gato rl rat esrÍa gra disfrutan del evento anual (nombre en inglÉs) los asistentes seto na tomaron foto con la seÑora claus. tome en kooipts si hace cosas importantes,
Dec 13, 2012 7:00pm PST
them tomorrow around 11. >> high tide combined with heavy rain caused flooding across san diego. this neighborhood's flooded out. despite the warnings, many drivers made their ways through those streets. lots of people around the bay area may soon be looking up to the skies. a preview of what's getting started and tell you how long it's going to lost. >>> there's a frost advisory. the neighborhoods that are the coldest. >>> if you're on the go, you can still watch ktvu on your computer. get the app or go to oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train that's powerful enough to carry more coffee and fresh water to make coffee that's stronger and bigger... and even hotter! actually, i just press this button. brew the coffee you love -- stronger, bigger, or hotter -- with the keurig vue. >>> right now it could be the brightest and biggest meteor shower of the year. the peak of the shower -- could see for an hour if skies are clear. help you out with your viewing tonight. bring a jacket. >>
Dec 3, 2012 11:00pm PST
involving measles erupted in an under-vaccinated area of san diego. like most measles outbreaks, it came from abroad. it began when an infected seven- year-old returned from a family vacation in switzerland on january 15. the child gave measles to two siblings, and collectively they infected classmates at the san diego cooperative charter school in linda vista. a visit to the children's clinic of la jolla spread the infection to four others. one of these, an infant, flew on a plane to hawaii where she was intercepted and quarantined. her fellow 250 passengers had to be contacted and tracked. dr. wilma wooten is san diego county's public health officer. >> this entire process resulted in exposures of almost 1,000 individuals-- 90 individuals having no proof of immunization, 73 were quarantined, 12 additional actual cases of measles in san diego. >> narrator: public health officials determined that what allowed measles to enter the community was the number of vaccine-hesitant parents who took advantage of the personal belief exemption allowed by california. school principals find themselve
Dec 14, 2012 4:00am PST
the coast of avvalon . >> another earthquake off the coast san diego was reported shortly after this one a 4.7. as of right now there no tsunami warnings in effect. >> to strong earthquake off the coast of to watch the tide was the highest tide of the year the king tide of flooding and traffic headaches and the bay area in mill valley. the northbound 101 and highway one ramp was closed because the water was too high. >> even so, some drivers went through it. the popular bike that was also under water, forcing some cyclist to turnaround. >> water even got into some businesses. >> the park and ride lot look like a lake. warning signs went up telling people which parking spots to avoid. people we talk to the were impressed by the tide. >> never experienced this before. >> the king tide happen every year there are caused by the alignment of the sun and moon. which causes a strong gravitational pull. on the ocean water pulling the high tied up all round the bay area. >> still a high tide this morning expect some flooding in the same areas. >> us take a look at the forecasts we will began with a l
Dec 30, 2012 11:00pm PST
of an ending as for they lost to the san diego chargers 24-21 - a late just short. the raiders finish the season with a record of 4- an illegal street race goes off course. way off course when one car ends up in a look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. >> this was in an east bay funeral home from concord. phillipe djegal has morekron four's philippe djegal is in concord with what police say may have led up to the accident. >> reporter: police say it appears the damage here at the ouimet brothers concord funeral result of a street race. >> at
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